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Tornado Checklist

I grew up in Washington, Illinois. In November of 2013 a huge tornado devastated a large part of my hometown. In the days and weeks following the tornado I talked with some survivors and modified my tornado preparedness plans. Tomorrow 27 April 2014 Washington will again be under severe risk for tornadoes. Hopefully these tips […]

Episode 68 – Severe weather preparedness and spotting

Well after a bit of a hiatus I have four episodes ready, I will release them over the next few weeks. These four episodes are sponsored by BUBWEB.COM – websites starting at $10  PER YEAR!!! (help me feed my babies and go buy a website!!) This week we talk about preparing for and spotting severe […]

Episode 44 – Weather Spotting

Welcome to Episode 44!  Woo!  Ok in this episode I tell you about some awesome free training given by the National Weather Service.  They teach you to be a storm spotter, show you how to identify severe weather situations and make you more attractive to the ladies.  I also discuss some neat free tools available […]