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Tornado Checklist

I grew up in Washington, Illinois. In November of 2013 a huge tornado devastated a large part of my hometown. In the days and weeks following the tornado I talked with some survivors and modified my tornado preparedness plans. Tomorrow 27 April 2014 Washington will again be under severe risk for tornadoes. Hopefully these tips […]

Episode 46 – Do 1 Thing March, Shelter

So in our monthly preparedness series of  “Do1Thing.us” tasks March brings us Shelter.  March is also storm/severe weather awareness month.  The start of stormy season for us Americans will start in April and June.  In this episode we describe the best places to shelter in your house.  Remember to think about where to shelter at […]

Episode 44 – Weather Spotting

Welcome to Episode 44!  Woo!  Ok in this episode I tell you about some awesome free training given by the National Weather Service.  They teach you to be a storm spotter, show you how to identify severe weather situations and make you more attractive to the ladies.  I also discuss some neat free tools available […]