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More Contests

This blog isn’t really about pimping other people’s contests but it is about giving you information about things that can help you, so I will post some contests/giveaways/etc, that I think you might be interested in.  Even though this reduces my chances of winning I just can’t let them go on in secret. So in […]

Cool Contest for Shooters

Ok this will not be a normal thing but hey this looks like a good deal for those of us who are shooters. As you know I listen to The Survival Podcast and since Jack over there is a big boy and has actual listeners, he also has advertisers. (one day when I grow up, […]

Episode #1 – Welcome & Debt Elimination

Welcome to the first show! Well this one is a bit rough, I hope I can smooth out the audio and whatnot in the next few episodes, I had to edit out a ton of “umms and ahhs”  I have lost my touch since my days in the industry.. Today I discussed debt and getting […]