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Episode 65 – Getting Started with Food (and other) Preps

Wow, it’s been awhile sorry about that but in penance you will get a long episode that I have spent at least 10 hours preparing. Have you ever heard of BUBWEB.COM ? They (they is me by the way) offer websites starting at $10 PER YEAR! GET SOME! What follows in this podcast is a sample basic […]

First Aid Kits and Survival Kits (perhaps for sale)

Ok I’m looking at putting together some kits for sale. I was planning on a personal first aid kit and personal survival kit. It will take quite an investment to put these together so if you are interested please leave a comment with what you would like, this will not be considered an order just a testing […]

Episode 30 – Do1Thing Assess Your Risk

Episode 30 is the next in our monthly series of preparedness episodes from Do1Thing.com.  January’s topic is “Assess your risk”, and talks about looking into what could happen and make plans and contingencies.

Just 1 reason you might need to prepare.  Seriously good book, I recommend it highly if you are into this kind of fiction. […]

Episode 28 – Emergency Car Heater

How much are your loved ones worth?  My wife and kids are worth at least $13.66 total.  $4.55 each.  So I spent $13.66 to build this sweet emergency car heater, it’s super easy and pretty cool so you should too.  Seriously people $13.66 to potentially save life and limb, how can you not do this. […]

Episode 10 – Winter Auto Survival Kit

With the winter months coming soon those of us in the parts of the US with actual seasons should prepare our autos for winter, one of those preparations should be a good Winter Auto Survival Kit.  I have a comprehensive outline below in the post with a LOAD of links… I spent all night pulling links for […]