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Link to a contest to win an AR7 rifle

WHAT? I don’t normally post links to other peoples stuff here but hey if you can possibly win a AR7 .22 “survival” rifle why not? This one is easy to enter and sponsored by The Survival Podcast and Ready Made Resources.  All you have to do is fill out a simple form.  I could link […]

Episode 18 – Retirement Savings

So a bit of self promotion here, I sound like poo on this one.  I was woken up (is that even a word?) by my email telling me someone had actually asked a question!  I was so excited that I ran to the “studio” (note the studio is a corner of our “workout room” in […]

Episode 5 – Introduction to our Preparedness Series

I am introducing a series of podcasts.  A new episode each month will address specific topics regarding personal and family preparedness.  This episode is the introduction and very basic information.

For more information try these links. The site our series is based upon http://www.do1thing.us (fixed, domain moved to .com) For those of you a […]