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Episode 61 – Mac n Cheese

Ok quick poll, who loves Mac-n-cheese (if you didn’t raise your hand I’m not sure I want to know you…) Almost everyone right?! Well Ima gonna tell yall how to make REAL mac-n-cheese, not that powdered box stuff either… (although the velveta shells and cheese does have a special place in my heart).  And listen, […]

Episode 27 – Breakfast Lasagna

Next in our unintentional series of holiday recipes is Breakfast Lasagna.  You may be asking WTF Lasagna for breakfast?  Well it’s not really lasagna, it’s actually breakfast strata. Every Christmas morning my mom would toss this in the oven and we would bask in what I imagine pure love tastes like. Oh Look a podcast! […]

Episode 25 – Super Awesome Easy Dip

Tis the season for holiday parties, you need something to bring, HERE IS YOUR ANSWER!!! Seriously my mouth waters just thinking of this super easy, super awesome dip. This recipe has been in my family for generations and now I pass it on to you. It’s all right here in this podcast

So recipe […]

Episode 13 – Pumpkin Pie

More Food! This is my “Famous” pumpkin pie.  It fairly easy to make but does take FOREVER to cook…  Sorry I didn’t get this in last night but I fell asleep drooling on my computer whilst editing…. Meh.  

Ingredients 1 box (2 rolls) pre-made pie dough. 1.5 cup white sugar (can use brown […]

Episode 9 – Homemade Cleaners

Wow!  Sorry I sound so bad in this one, I had a cold earlier in the week and it’s still in my throat.  I had to edit out several minutes of  coughing and clearing my throat.  But hey stick in there this is a pretty good show and I kinda go off on a rant […]