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Tornado Checklist

I grew up in Washington, Illinois. In November of 2013 a huge tornado devastated a large part of my hometown. In the days and weeks following the tornado I talked with some survivors and modified my tornado preparedness plans. Tomorrow 27 April 2014 Washington will again be under severe risk for tornadoes. Hopefully these tips […]

How to deal with an Active Shooter situation

In light of the recent incident in Colorado the following documents put out by the Department of Homeland Security are a good read. They discuss what you should do if you find yourself in the middle of an active shooter situation (also a bomb threat). Check them out they are quick reads and good info. […]

Ep 63 – Preparedness Plan

What do you do when you receive this voicemail? “Honey, the wildfire is headed toward the house, we were told to evacuate, going to {psht} {crackle}” Now he/she won’t answer the phone, lines are probably overloaded. Do you  A. Panic, B. Go to your pre-arranged rally point and hug? Having a detailed preparedness plan can cut through […]

Episode 57 – Do 1 Thing July – Family Communications Plan

As per tradition the first podcast of the month is the Do1Thing episode.  July’s tasks are dealing with a family communications plan. Things discussed in this episode. Have a phone with a cord and a car charger for your cell phone Develop a plan for how your family will stay in touch during a disaster […]

Episode 52 – Do 1 Thing May

Again this month we feature the “baby steps” from Do1Thing.com.  May is all about a preparedness plan, incidentally exactly what I did for the last episode. (I didn’t know or plan it this way). In the interests of me being a lazy… ummm guy I am gonna say just listen and the links at the […]

Episode 51 – Preparedness Plan

So lets say you are on a business trip and you get this call… “Honey, Oh My God we just had a major windstorm and all the power will be out for days, how do I hook up the generator?” – I’m guessing that will be a pain to try to explain during all the confusion, […]