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Some New You Tube Videos

I made a couple of You Tube videos today. First one is a quick fix for VW New Beetle Air Conditioning fuse problems here http://youtu.be/I9NJueJJCtY And the second one is how I built a couple of target stands (and how you can too) for less than $10 each here http://youtu.be/KKAfTdWg-8g Check them out and let me know […]

Episode 65 – Getting Started with Food (and other) Preps

Wow, it’s been awhile sorry about that but in penance you will get a long episode that I have spent at least 10 hours preparing. Have you ever heard of BUBWEB.COM ? They (they is me by the way) offer websites starting at $10 PER YEAR! GET SOME! What follows in this podcast is a sample basic […]

Episode 38 – Centerfire Rifles

So the last scheduled episode in the self defense series and we are talking about centerfire rifles.  As always if you are not familiar with firearms GET TRAINING FIRST, you don’t want to kill or injure someone because you were an idiot. As I state in the podcast centerfire rifles and pistol caliber carbines usually […]

Ep 34 – Intro to guns

So the next episode in our Self Defense “Mini Series” – an introduction to guns, in this episode I describe some of my philosophy on owning guns, using guns, concealed carry etc… you want me to sum it up?  GET TRAINING! Still totally tired and just busting out a show because they are late, so […]

Cool Contest for Shooters

Ok this will not be a normal thing but hey this looks like a good deal for those of us who are shooters. As you know I listen to The Survival Podcast and since Jack over there is a big boy and has actual listeners, he also has advertisers. (one day when I grow up, […]