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First Aid Kits and Survival Kits (perhaps for sale)

Ok I’m looking at putting together some kits for sale. I was planning on a personal first aid kit and personal survival kit. It will take quite an investment to put these together so if you are interested please leave a comment with what you would like, this will not be considered an order just a testing […]

Ep. 47 – Every Day Carry

In this episode I discuss the things I have with me on the average day, and how those tools can help in many different situations.  Give it a listen and let me know what I am missing.  Comment with what you carry on an every day basis. On a side note, due to a new […]

Ep 33 – ACT!

There are times in our lives when we need to act, I discuss some times when I have hesitated and I feel bad.  So when the opportunity to act appears you should be prepared. I’m too tired and this is late as heck so no long intro, just listen to the podcast for cryin out […]

Episode 24 – Do1Thing December – First Aid

This episode we continue our monthly preparedness series where we follow the Do1Thing.com model of baby steps for preparedness.  December is First Aid, and we go into some tips to get ready for first aid emergencies. One of the easiest and most important skills to learn is basic first aid and CPR.  These are also […]

Episode 11 – Auto First Aid Kit

Face it almost all pre-made first aid kits suck big time.  Seriously 1 gauze pad and 5 band aids won’t do squat if there is a real need for emergency care.  The need for a serious first aid kit is particularly greater in an auto compared to the house.  Emergency response times will be higher […]