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Episode 59 – August Do1Thing – Get Involved!

So we are here to kick off August with a Do1Thing episode.  August’s tasks relate to getting involved in the community. FIRST a word from our sponsor BUBweb.com –  offering webhosting starting at $10 per YEAR! Also Check our our MTP First Aid Kits, and let me know if this is something that would interest […]

Episode 57 – Do 1 Thing July – Family Communications Plan

As per tradition the first podcast of the month is the Do1Thing episode.  July’s tasks are dealing with a family communications plan. Things discussed in this episode. Have a phone with a cord and a car charger for your cell phone Develop a plan for how your family will stay in touch during a disaster […]

Episode 54 – Do 1 Thing June – Unique Needs

June is a unique month… well not really I am just too lazy to come up with another introduction.  Anywhoo as far as Do1Thing.com is concerned June is the time to focus on unique family needs in a potential disaster. This one hits close to home, my parents always told me I was unique so […]

Episode 52 – Do 1 Thing May

Again this month we feature the “baby steps” from Do1Thing.com.  May is all about a preparedness plan, incidentally exactly what I did for the last episode. (I didn’t know or plan it this way). In the interests of me being a lazy… ummm guy I am gonna say just listen and the links at the […]

Episode 50 – Do 1 Thing April – Food

Sorry this one is late, sometimes life gets in the way, and I’m lazy. So this episode we continue with our monthly series from www.do1thing.com , and April is FOOD.  Let’s face it, the do1thing philosophy is be prepared for 3 days without outside assistance, and you can survive without food for 3 days (unless […]

Episode 46 – Do 1 Thing March, Shelter

So in our monthly preparedness series of  “Do1Thing.us” tasks March brings us Shelter.  March is also storm/severe weather awareness month.  The start of stormy season for us Americans will start in April and June.  In this episode we describe the best places to shelter in your house.  Remember to think about where to shelter at […]

Episode 39 – Do1Thing February – Water

February’s Do1Thing.com tasks relate to water.  As per usual I think you can do all of these tasks in the month but feel free to take the baby steps. As usual I read the Do1Thing document and give my commentary.  Feel free to listen to it at the magical link below…

Oh look an […]

Episode 30 – Do1Thing Assess Your Risk

Episode 30 is the next in our monthly series of preparedness episodes from Do1Thing.com.  January’s topic is “Assess your risk”, and talks about looking into what could happen and make plans and contingencies.

Just 1 reason you might need to prepare.  Seriously good book, I recommend it highly if you are into this kind of fiction. […]

Episode 24 – Do1Thing December – First Aid

This episode we continue our monthly preparedness series where we follow the Do1Thing.com model of baby steps for preparedness.  December is First Aid, and we go into some tips to get ready for first aid emergencies. One of the easiest and most important skills to learn is basic first aid and CPR.  These are also […]

Episode 16 – EMERGENCY Do1Thing Oct 31st

This may be the most important MTP episode ever made.  It’s quick at less than 11 minutes but has very important information for your future and the future of your family and friends.  Do1Thing released new information on their facebook page the other day and I was just now able to get the information to […]