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Episode 36 – Concealed Carry

So in this episode I give a brief overview of  different kinds of handguns for concealed carry and self defense purposes.  As always don’t jump into firearms ownership without adequate training and research.  I’ll post some links at the end for training, but there may be a more local training opportunity. Also with concealed carry […]

Ep 34 – Intro to guns

So the next episode in our Self Defense “Mini Series” – an introduction to guns, in this episode I describe some of my philosophy on owning guns, using guns, concealed carry etc… you want me to sum it up?  GET TRAINING! Still totally tired and just busting out a show because they are late, so […]

Ep 33 – ACT!

There are times in our lives when we need to act, I discuss some times when I have hesitated and I feel bad.  So when the opportunity to act appears you should be prepared. I’m too tired and this is late as heck so no long intro, just listen to the podcast for cryin out […]