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Episode 18 – Retirement Savings

So a bit of self promotion here, I sound like poo on this one.  I was woken up (is that even a word?) by my email telling me someone had actually asked a question!  I was so excited that I ran to the “studio” (note the studio is a corner of our “workout room” in […]

Episode #2 – Criteria for purchasing a “home/personal” computer

In the past month or two I have had to purchase 3 personal computers for me and my family.  Ok HAD to is a bit strong in one case, but my wife and my mom’s computers both died horrible deaths so they HAD to be replaced and well I kinda wanted a netbook and fell […]

Episode #1 – Welcome & Debt Elimination

Welcome to the first show! Well this one is a bit rough, I hope I can smooth out the audio and whatnot in the next few episodes, I had to edit out a ton of “umms and ahhs”  I have lost my touch since my days in the industry.. Today I discussed debt and getting […]