Short Hiatus

Due to some business obligations and a family medical issue that had me hanging out at the hospital (all is well now) I will be having a temporary hiatus.  This should last approx 1 week.  Sorry, now go listen to something good.

I’ll see you in a week or so.


Episode 45 – CERT and VIPS

Two organizations that I volunteer my time to are CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) and VIPS (Volunteers In Police Service). These are local organizations built on a national framework. Listen to me drone on about what these different organizations do and how they serve their communities. Perhaps you will join your local chapter or help get one started in your area. Serving your community is one of the more noble things you can do, and the free training they give you is invaluable.

In fact this spring they are paying for me to take a week long class to get trained as a “First Responder”.  This level of certification is between classic First Aid + CPR + AED and EMT Basic.  This is the level to which many police and firefighters are trained.  This class would normally cost between $250 and $500 (and that is the discount police rate).  So added bonus.

And now Links…

CERT C.E.R.T. Action Response Kit Unit

Episode 44 – Weather Spotting

Welcome to Episode 44!  Woo!  Ok in this episode I tell you about some awesome free training given by the National Weather Service.  They teach you to be a storm spotter, show you how to identify severe weather situations and make you more attractive to the ladies.  I also discuss some neat free tools available to assist in your spotting.

Listen below, then go follow the links I posted, you might find something you like, and my kids might get to eat something other than oatmeal this week.

OOOooooh Links!

OK Now stuff I don’t get paid if you click, but you will probably like it.

  • CoCoRaHS – I failed to mention this in my podcast but this is cool, check it out and join.
  • National Weather Service
  • IEMBOT – get realtime updates from your local NWS office
  • IEM Interactive Radar – You will have to change the options, mess with it a bit and I think you will like it.
  • GRLevel3 – Radar Data Program (I think I called it Level 4 in the `cast)

Episode 43 – Online Tax Preperation

In this episode I give a few tips and recommendations for using online tax preparation services.  This includes the ONLY 3 paid online options that I would recommend.  (This is due to the online reviews I have read stating that they had NO errors).  I also briefly discuss the “Free Federal” options.

I review the top 3 online services and rank them according to my opinion and criteria.

OK Links Below, feed my kids.

Amazon Tax Software Links

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) (yeah I don’t make any money from this link LOL)

Episode 42 – Shaving Tips

I’m sure you are all like, “dude I’ve been shaving for 20 years, gimme a break”.  Hey this show is all about re-thinking how you do things right?!  So listen up, you might learn something.  Oh sorry ladies unless you are looking for tips on shaving a guy’s face or want gift ideas, this one probably isn’t for you.

Ok what do I talk about in this one?  Use a GOOD razor for shaving your face, I suggest a safety razor (links below).  I would also suggest using a brush and cup for your cream/soap, it just feels so good.  Oh and the above will save you money over the commercial premium razors.  Also discussed in this episode is shaving your head.  In this case I use a dollar store disposable razor and regular canned cream, polar opposites right?!

Enough yapping, listen to my sultry voice talk about all this stuff.

Can you guess what is below!?  LINKS!! Click them to feed my family!

Episode 41 – Smartphones

I’ve had a “smartphone” (Blackberry) for over five years, boy I didn’t know what I was missing.  The amazing options out there now just blow the Blackberry away.  I give my reasons for getting an Android Phone (or an iPhone).  The apps and tools available to these tiny little computers just make certain aspects of life so much easier.

LINKS! (you know you want to click… then buy…. do it!)

Episode 40 – Neti Pot


So kinda a weird podcast, but with the winter weather and upcoming allergy season appropriate I guess.  This episode is filled with mucus, snot, and boogers.  (Listener Beware)  In this episode I describe how to use the somewhat creepy sounding neti pot and other generic sinus rinses.  I know it’s creepy but if you have sinus or allergy problems you need to try the neti pot, it is significantly less creepy than it sounds in a description.  Enough, listen already.

Woo Links ! (remember when you buy stuff it feeds my children, let them know the vast array of flavors available to them)

Neti Pot

And here is the EXACT one I have, it works fine. NeilMed NasaFlo Neti Pot 8 oz (240 ml)

UPDATE 10/4/2011

I have quit the Neti Pot, Check the video below to see why!

Episode 39 – Do1Thing February – Water

February’s tasks relate to water.  As per usual I think you can do all of these tasks in the month but feel free to take the baby steps.

As usual I read the Do1Thing document and give my commentary.  Feel free to listen to it at the magical link below…

Oh look an link for Water Storage.  Remember even if you don’t buy anything listed in my link, anything you do buy I get a tiny piece of the action…. so go spend your money, please. Consider it a gift to me for my birthday… yeah today.. buy stuff.

Oooh I almost forgot, This guy sells the BEST water filters out there.  Berkey filters are great for daily use as well as emergency use.  Britta can bite me.  The Berkey Guy

China IP Block

Sorry if I actually have listeners from China but in the interests of server performance I had to block access from 2 Chinese IP blocks. 220.x and 123.x  They were just downloading the crap out of my stuff and killing me.  Sorry if there are legit users I will try to refine my block to just catch the offending servers.


The Management

Episode 38 – Centerfire Rifles

So the last scheduled episode in the self defense series and we are talking about centerfire rifles.  As always if you are not familiar with firearms GET TRAINING FIRST, you don’t want to kill or injure someone because you were an idiot.

As I state in the podcast centerfire rifles and pistol caliber carbines usually aren’t the best for home defense due to over penetration, etc.  You know I could write it here or you could just listen… so listen.

Ummm here is the podcast click on it and enjoy.