Episode 54 – Do 1 Thing June – Unique Needs

June is a unique month… well not really I am just too lazy to come up with another introduction.  Anywhoo as far as Do1Thing.com is concerned June is the time to focus on unique family needs in a potential disaster. This one hits close to home, my parents always told me I was unique so this is really important.

Things to think about?

  • Identify Unique Needs
  • Pets, plan for their needs
  • Disabled household members, they have needs too…

So sit down, grab a beverage, and listen to me yap… it might save your life one day.

WOAH I totally mentioned some links so here you go…

I’m too lazy to think of a good reason for you to go to Amazon.com this time so I present you this wonderful product, go buy this… or something else, either way I get a little tribute. Oster CG100 Electric Cheese Grater (thank my wife for the random product).  Dude you could totally use that to grate soap to make laundry detergent! THAT IS FREAKING SYNERGY BABY!

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Episode 53 – 72 hour kit

In past episodes we’ve discussed car kits and home emergency kits.  This week we will talk about 72 Hour kits / get out of dodge (GOOD) / Bug Out Bag /Evacuation kits.  Unlike many who identify themselves as survivalists this is NOT a battle kit, this is a “I have to evacuate NOW due to a chemical spill and I need supplies for 3 days” kit.

I shamelessly stole the list that I use in this episode from about.com and modified it a bit to make it fit my ideas a bit better.  Below the podcast I will include some other links as well as some things I thought to add recently.  Let me know if you think of anything else.

Things I forgot…

  • Self defense items (firearm, knife, pepper spray)
  • Small portable hard drive / thumb drive with backed up computer information.
  • Large contractor sized garbage bags (55 gal), these can be used for so many things.

Stuff to buy (hopefully)…

BUBWeb.com – providing webhosting starting at $10 PER YEAR!!!

Check out ING DIRECT as a place to hide some emergency money. Very good interest rates and now special kids accounts.

Episode 52 – Do 1 Thing May

Again this month we feature the “baby steps” from Do1Thing.com.  May is all about a preparedness plan, incidentally exactly what I did for the last episode. (I didn’t know or plan it this way).

In the interests of me being a lazy… ummm guy I am gonna say just listen and the links at the bottom are the same as the last episode.

DO1THING MAY – Community, School, Work

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Episode 51 – Preparedness Plan

So lets say you are on a business trip and you get this call… “Honey, Oh My God we just had a major windstorm and all the power will be out for days, how do I hook up the generator?” – I’m guessing that will be a pain to try to explain during all the confusion, and of course your spouse hasn’t charged their cell phone so they are about to run out of power with no way to charge it because the power is out after all…

Yeah so lets get our paper, crayons, pencils, pens, glitter glue, folders, etc out and put together a quick reference “Preparedness Plan” that will tell us what to do in our personal emergency.

This is a document that you and your family should put together for yourselves and customize to your specific needs.

Here is a link to my generator setup plan document as a reference. Generator Setup Booklet

Helpful items from Amazon…

Some of our other advertisers…

WWW.BUBWEB.COM – Websites starting at $10 PER YEAR

WOW I suck.

Holy Moly, it’s been almost a month since I posted!… Wow, I can’t believe I suck that bad… especially since I have 2 episodes just waiting already recorded.

No excuses other than I’ve been swamped and that doesn’t even count, I’m sorry.  I’ll get off my dead butt in the next few days and get back on the wagon.

Be safe while you wait.


Episode 50 – Do 1 Thing April – Food

Sorry this one is late, sometimes life gets in the way, and I’m lazy.

So this episode we continue with our monthly series from www.do1thing.com , and April is FOOD.  Let’s face it, the do1thing philosophy is be prepared for 3 days without outside assistance, and you can survive without food for 3 days (unless you are in compromised health). You can survive but why suffer if it isn’t necessary? So as usual I read through the do1thing document and give further insight.

So if you don’t mind have a listen then check out some of the links for expanded information.


Episode 49 – Debt and the Economy

In theory it is good to have debt during an inflationary period.  Well I call shenanigans!  In this episode I discuss my personal progress on debt elimination and how being debt free will help you no matter how the economy does.  So get out of debt now, you know it is a cancer right?


Link Festival

Hey it’s gardening time right around the corner, check out this podcast about how to build a garden.  http://www.momenttoponder.com/2010/11/23/episode-22-how-to-build-a-garden/

Oh remember this episode about debt elimination, yeah neither do I, perhaps we should check it out eh? http://www.momenttoponder.com/2010/08/07/episode-1-welcome-debt-elimination/

Great book to get you started eliminating debt. The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness

Episode 48 – The Japanese Situation

Wow so bad stuff is happening in Japan, first the Quake, then the Tsunami, now the Nuclear Reactors (oh my)!  Lets take a moment to ponder what this means to us and what exactly is happening over there. One of the problems is that people keep focusing on the reactors and are forgetting about how they can help the thousands, if not millions of people in immediate need.

First, (at least for us) it’s not as bad as it sounds (as far as the nukes go) so don’t freak out.
Second, this is why you need to be prepared. I’ll talk a little about how to get started and why.
Third, please help however you can, thousands are dead and it is terrible over there.

GREAT explanations and much better information than I can provide are at the following links.

And now the Ads

Potassium Iodate

Ep. 47 – Every Day Carry

In this episode I discuss the things I have with me on the average day, and how those tools can help in many different situations.  Give it a listen and let me know what I am missing.  Comment with what you carry on an every day basis.

On a side note, due to a new Illinois law I may not be able to make any money off Amazon anymore, I am trying to find a way around the law, but no promises.  What does this mean to you, nothing really other than it will be much harder for me to monitize this blog/podcast.  If you don’t mind any purchases you would make from Amazon.com before April 15th, 2011 please consider making via one of my links.  They are below the podcast.  Thanks.

Amazon Product (Inferno Pepper Spray, it’s what I carry) Inferno Pepper Spray

Episode 46 – Do 1 Thing March, Shelter

So in our monthly preparedness series of  “Do1Thing.us” tasks March brings us Shelter.  March is also storm/severe weather awareness month.  The start of stormy season for us Americans will start in April and June.  In this episode we describe the best places to shelter in your house.  Remember to think about where to shelter at work or other locations you may be in often.

Content for this podcast came from http://do1thing.com/ .  Go there it is a great site for preparedness information.

So listen to this sweetness below then go to some of the links.

Weather Radios