Episode 68 – Severe weather preparedness and spotting

Well after a bit of a hiatus I have four episodes ready, I will release them over the next few weeks.

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This week we talk about preparing for and spotting severe weather as well as what a Watch, Warning, and Advisory mean.

Sure you changed the batteries in your smoke detector this weekend (you did right… get on it!) but did you change the batteries in your weather radio? It has the same ability to save your life, put in fresh batteries! Storm season has begun!

And a few links for your pleasure…

Episode 67 – Where is your stuff?

Wow, it’s been awhile.  I know I’ve been a combination of lazy and busy and could be more inspired.  This episode was recorded way back in November.  Well I have a bit of inspiration now and will get a couple episodes recorded soon.

Not a whole lot to say about this episode other than I discuss where your preps are, do you know? How long would it take you to evacuate? Would you forget anything?

Check out the podcast below

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Episode 66 – Why do we prepare?

You may ask “Why do you prepare, what could happen?”  This episode deals with what could happen and what we should prepare for, not the philosophical aspects of WHY we should be prepared.  I bring up some things you may not have thought of before.

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So in this episode (Link above) we discuss…

  • Job Loss
  • Car Accident
  • Freaky Weather
  • Terrorist Acts, including a recent attack on our infrastructure
  • EMP/Solar Flares
  • Earthquakes in the midwest

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National Emergency Alert Test (Nov 9, 2011)

You know those annoying EAS tests that you hear on the TV and Radio “This is a test, this is only a test”?  Well they’ve never tested the whole system at the same time, now most intelligent people would have seen this years ago and said, hey we should test this thing… Well SOMEONE in the government FINALLY saw this glaring problem and it shall now happen on Nov 9, 2011.

Following is from the FCC website here (plus a bunch more information in case you care…

At the Federal Communications Commission’s June 9, 2011 Agenda meeting, Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau Chief Jamie Barnett, joined by representatives from FEMA and the National Weather Service, announced that the first nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) would take place at 2:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time) on November 9, 2011. The purpose of the test is to assess the reliability and effectiveness of the EAS as a public alert mechanism. EAS Participants currently participate in state-level monthly tests and local-level weekly tests, but no top-down review of the entire system has ever been undertaken. The Commission, along with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, will use the results of this nationwide test to assess the reliability and effectiveness of the EAS as a public alert mechanism, and will work together with EAS stakeholders to make improvements to the system as appropriate.

Lets hope your tax dollars have been well spent.

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Episode 65 – Getting Started with Food (and other) Preps

Wow, it’s been awhile sorry about that but in penance you will get a long episode that I have spent at least 10 hours preparing.

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What follows in this podcast is a sample basic plan for food storage and how much it will cost you to do yourself if you are so inclined. Also included is a spreadsheet so you can see how I came about my numbers and a slide show that you can follow along with. (all documents are OpenOffice format so your favorite program should work to open it, if not google “Open Office Download” and get it yourself).

Ok so check out the podcast , and the documents, and the YouTube Channel

Supporting Documentation

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Episode 64 – Fire Preparedness

Sometime during October is Fire Safety month/week/day/hour, frankly I’m too tired to look it up but you can assume that I am right. Anywhoo here is a list of some things you need to think of to be fire prepared. Just the other day I ran a fire drill with the kids, they think it is fun and I think it is important that they know what to do.  Adults and kids need to pre-plan these things so that it is automatic when there is an emergency. So listen to the cast below and check out some links below.

HERE is my accompanying YouTube video showing one of our evacuation drills.

TOTAL COINCIDENCE! Jack Spirko just posted a podcast on a VERY similar theme (his focuses more on what to do AFTER a fire) it’s a great show so check it out. HERE  And HERE is the interviewee’s website, so check that out too.

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Carbon Monoxide Detectors


The Green Giant Sale

Every year around this time our local Green Giant plant (General Mills) puts on a charity parking lot sale.  You can get case lots for better prices than Sams or other discount clubs. It’s a really good deal. For  example a case of 48 Nature Valley Granola bars is $10 ($0.21 each) or 24 cans of corn for $15. All the proceeds go to the local United Way chapter (probably my least favorite charity but still better than terrorists or something).

Anywhoo it is an epic adventure every year ’cause if you don’t get there early you are really waiting.  I got there at 6am and was in line etc for 2 1/2 hours or so.  Check out the video as I bring you along for the ride, and you can see the line when I leave… WHEW Glad I missed that!


Ep 63 – Preparedness Plan

What do you do when you receive this voicemail?

“Honey, the wildfire is headed toward the house, we were told to evacuate, going to {psht} {crackle}”

Now he/she won’t answer the phone, lines are probably overloaded.
Do you  A. Panic, B. Go to your pre-arranged rally point and hug?

Having a detailed preparedness plan can cut through the confusion and get you re-united with your family ASAP.

So Check out this episode and there are 2 others that I will link to below. Also for the first time I have made bonus content available on our new youtube channel, so check that out (link below).

The podcast is right here —>





Episode 62 – Hesperian Foundation

Well don’t I look like a jerk… I thought I posted this a few weeks ago but NO…
This episode is a discussion of the wonderful information that is available from the Hesperian Foundation.

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This organization has created several books that are FREE for download or at printing cost in several locations including Amazon. These books were created to help “Village Healthcare Workers” basically a slightly trained villager, to help diagnose and treat many illness including medication dosages etc.

So have a listen and feel free to comment below.