Episode #1 – Welcome & Debt Elimination

Welcome to the first show!
Well this one is a bit rough, I hope I can smooth out the audio and whatnot in the next few episodes, I had to edit out a ton of “umms and ahhs”  I have lost my touch since my days in the industry..

Today I discussed debt and getting out of it.  Eliminating debt is one of the most important things you can do to improve your life, that is why I made it my first episode.  It also has the most resources available if I screw this up.

Today’s links.

I’ll try to get another show out by the end of the week but we have guests so working around them is difficult.

Welcome to Moment To Ponder

I plan for the a MOMENT TO PONDER podcast to be a weekly half hour or so thought provoking insight into how to make our lives better.  We will cover several topics including: family finance, computer safety, personal and family preparedness, homebrewing, cooking, philosophy, whatever…
My vision is to make a moment to ponder that little kick in the pants that gets us thinking about how to change our lives for the better.  I am not an expert in most of these topics, in fact I think the only thing I  may be an expert in is being a jackwad.  What I am, is a great observer and collector of the knowledge of others, and I tend to be able to distill that information down into those little bites that allow others to start their own path.
So I will be providing the HMMMM moment, a couple of talking points, a bit of irreverent humor, and how to get more information, it is up to you to finish the thought.  This is perfect for me because I am ADD, and I can barely finish a sentence.

So hold on for a bit while I take a Moment To Ponder the first few episodes and get them posted.