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MTD / TroyBilt Mulch Kit Fiasco

Ok so I bought a new riding mower, a 2015 Troy Bilt Bronco (By MTD). I purchased the mulch kit detailed in the manual and online. The kit DOES NOT FIT not even a little. After an hour on the phone and lots of other research I have found the correct kit. Several MTD 42″ […]

Tornado Checklist

I grew up in Washington, Illinois. In November of 2013 a huge tornado devastated a large part of my hometown. In the days and weeks following the tornado I talked with some survivors and modified my tornado preparedness plans. Tomorrow 27 April 2014 Washington will again be under severe risk for tornadoes. Hopefully these tips […]

Getting Started With Ham Radio

A few months ago I got my Ham Radio License, since then I have had several people ask for advice on getting their licence so here goes.  This is kind of train of thought theater so hopefully I get it somewhat organized in a decent fashion.  There are 3 levels of license: Technician, General, and […]

Episode #69 – Ham Radio

So listen I just watched the Mad Men season premier so I’m about 4 Vodka Gimlets into the evening.  Oh and Joan’s mom is a B***.  Anywhoo I recorded this only 2-3 beers in last week so it should be OK. So in this episode I discuss Ham radio and it can help us… let’s […]

Black Friday (through Cyber Monday) Deals.

As you know I sell web hosting, below is my Black Friday (through Cyber Monday 11/27) deal. Dear potential BUBWeb.com customers, Buy a NEW website before Tuesday and you will receive 25% OFF our already stupidly low prices. This is for new customers only (sorry current customers it just isn’t easy to modify your accounts). […]

Episode 22 – How to build a garden

So this is how to build a garden from scratch.  This is not how to grow a garden but how to BUILD a garden.  I am NOT the guy to tell you how to grow a garden, because I am a lazy gardener.  I plant then look at it every week or so, and then […]

Episode 21 – Free Phone!

UPDATE – Sipgate went out of business Oct 2013. So I bet you are looking at the title going.. WTF?!  Or not… anyway in this magical episode I blather on about how to talk to friends and family for free via the interwebs and traditional phones.  But lets face it, unless you are here by accident, if […]

Episode 12 – Easy No Knead Bread

So awhile back I found a recipe for no-knead bread.  It didn’t work for me so after a bit of experimenting I came up with this, and the angels sang.  This stuff is smack your mother good, oh and freakin easy.   Not only does it make a sweet boule but it is versatile, I […]

Episode 9 – Homemade Cleaners

Wow!  Sorry I sound so bad in this one, I had a cold earlier in the week and it’s still in my throat.  I had to edit out several minutes of  coughing and clearing my throat.  But hey stick in there this is a pretty good show and I kinda go off on a rant […]