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Episode 71 – How to change a tire

Ever gotten a flat and needed to change a tire? Well you can try “Fix a Flat” or something like it but that doesn’t always work, this is a skill you need to know. Sometimes AAA (aka Triple A) may take hours to arrive. First perhaps you should check out our sponsor BUBWEB.COM – Website hosting starting […]

Episode 60 – Geocaching

Ok so I got a new hobby… we will see how long it lasts, but it is pretty fun.  Welcome to Geocaching! So you may be all, “Dude what’s Geocaching?”  Well it’s a TREASURE HUNT! although the treasure is really just finding the cache.  Ok so what you do is get the coordinates to a […]

Episode 28 – Emergency Car Heater

How much are your loved ones worth?  My wife and kids are worth at least $13.66 total.  $4.55 each.  So I spent $13.66 to build this sweet emergency car heater, it’s super easy and pretty cool so you should too.  Seriously people $13.66 to potentially save life and limb, how can you not do this. […]

Episode 19 – Travel Tips

So in this episode I thank the Veterans for allowing be to be a fat lazy load. I also feature some travel tips, I could list them here but why would I make a podcast then?  It would just be a blog and you wouldn’t get to hear my voice. Ok some bullet points… Airline […]

Episode 10 – Winter Auto Survival Kit

With the winter months coming soon those of us in the parts of the US with actual seasons should prepare our autos for winter, one of those preparations should be a good Winter Auto Survival Kit.  I have a comprehensive outline below in the post with a LOAD of links… I spent all night pulling links for […]