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Episode 66 – Why do we prepare?

You may ask “Why do you prepare, what could happen?”  This episode deals with what could happen and what we should prepare for, not the philosophical aspects of WHY we should be prepared.  I bring up some things you may not have thought of before. But before we get into all that stuff check out […]

Episode 65 – Getting Started with Food (and other) Preps

Wow, it’s been awhile sorry about that but in penance you will get a long episode that I have spent at least 10 hours preparing. Have you ever heard of BUBWEB.COM ? They (they is me by the way) offer websites starting at $10 PER YEAR! GET SOME! What follows in this podcast is a sample basic […]

Episode 51 – Preparedness Plan

So lets say you are on a business trip and you get this call… “Honey, Oh My God we just had a major windstorm and all the power will be out for days, how do I hook up the generator?” – I’m guessing that will be a pain to try to explain during all the confusion, […]

Episode 15 – Do1Thing November – Emergency Supplies

Here we are another month, another podcast with the help (unknown by them) of Do1Thing.com.   Do1Thing is a program of “baby steps” in getting prepared.  And frankly any preparedness system that suggests that you get a sweater for your dog should also suggest that you smack yourself with a sock full of quarters, but […]

Episode 8 – Blackout Kits and Preparedness

Wow, I went long on this one and still missed a few good points. In this episode we discuss more in depth preparedness for power outages and preparedness including making a power outage “grab bag”.  You will see after the flip I have about 6 million links to lots more information.  But first a few […]