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Episode 62 – Hesperian Foundation

Well don’t I look like a jerk… I thought I posted this a few weeks ago but NO… This episode is a discussion of the wonderful information that is available from the Hesperian Foundation. BUT FIRST Please feel free to go to BUBWEB.COM and buy yourself a website (Starting at $10 PER YEAR), it will […]

Episode 48 – The Japanese Situation

Wow so bad stuff is happening in Japan, first the Quake, then the Tsunami, now the Nuclear Reactors (oh my)!  Lets take a moment to ponder what this means to us and what exactly is happening over there. One of the problems is that people keep focusing on the reactors and are forgetting about how […]

Episode 42 – Shaving Tips

I’m sure you are all like, “dude I’ve been shaving for 20 years, gimme a break”.  Hey this show is all about re-thinking how you do things right?!  So listen up, you might learn something.  Oh sorry ladies unless you are looking for tips on shaving a guy’s face or want gift ideas, this one […]

Episode 40 – Neti Pot

NOTE UPDATE AT THE BOTTOM So kinda a weird podcast, but with the winter weather and upcoming allergy season appropriate I guess.  This episode is filled with mucus, snot, and boogers.  (Listener Beware)  In this episode I describe how to use the somewhat creepy sounding neti pot and other generic sinus rinses.  I know it’s […]