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Some New You Tube Videos

I made a couple of You Tube videos today. First one is a quick fix for VW New Beetle Air Conditioning fuse problems here http://youtu.be/I9NJueJJCtY And the second one is how I built a couple of target stands (and how you can too) for less than $10 each here http://youtu.be/KKAfTdWg-8g Check them out and let me know […]

Black Friday (through Cyber Monday) Deals.

As you know I sell web hosting, below is my Black Friday (through Cyber Monday 11/27) deal. Dear potential BUBWeb.com customers, Buy a NEW website before Tuesday and you will receive 25% OFF our already stupidly low prices. This is for new customers only (sorry current customers it just isn’t easy to modify your accounts). […]

Episode 28 – Emergency Car Heater

How much are your loved ones worth?  My wife and kids are worth at least $13.66 total.  $4.55 each.  So I spent $13.66 to build this sweet emergency car heater, it’s super easy and pretty cool so you should too.  Seriously people $13.66 to potentially save life and limb, how can you not do this. […]

Internet Down? Try Public DNS

Currently the Midwest is experiencing an internet outage if you have Comcast service. There is an Easy Fix.  It is down due to a DNS issue, just change your DNS settings to a Public DNS. Google has free public DNS  servers at and Open DNS has free public DNS servers at and […]

Episode 21 – Free Phone!

UPDATE – Sipgate went out of business Oct 2013. So I bet you are looking at the title going.. WTF?!  Or not… anyway in this magical episode I blather on about how to talk to friends and family for free via the interwebs and traditional phones.  But lets face it, unless you are here by accident, if […]