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Episode 50 – Do 1 Thing April – Food

Sorry this one is late, sometimes life gets in the way, and I’m lazy. So this episode we continue with our monthly series from www.do1thing.com , and April is FOOD.  Let’s face it, the do1thing philosophy is be prepared for 3 days without outside assistance, and you can survive without food for 3 days (unless […]

Episode 49 – Debt and the Economy

In theory it is good to have debt during an inflationary period.  Well I call shenanigans!  In this episode I discuss my personal progress on debt elimination and how being debt free will help you no matter how the economy does.  So get out of debt now, you know it is a cancer right?


Episode 22 – How to build a garden

So this is how to build a garden from scratch.  This is not how to grow a garden but how to BUILD a garden.  I am NOT the guy to tell you how to grow a garden, because I am a lazy gardener.  I plant then look at it every week or so, and then […]