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Some New You Tube Videos

I made a couple of You Tube videos today. First one is a quick fix for VW New Beetle Air Conditioning fuse problems here http://youtu.be/I9NJueJJCtY And the second one is how I built a couple of target stands (and how you can too) for less than $10 each here http://youtu.be/KKAfTdWg-8g Check them out and let me know […]

Episode 58 – Carpet Cleaning

Hey, welcome to episode 58! So in honor of our great nation’s independence we decided to clean the carpets!  Woo, fireworks and house cleaning, THANK YOU AMERICA!  We calculated this quite carefully, listen to this super awesome podcast to hear the most excellent and insightful reason we chose Independence Day weekend to clean our carpets…. […]

More Contests

This blog isn’t really about pimping other people’s contests but it is about giving you information about things that can help you, so I will post some contests/giveaways/etc, that I think you might be interested in.  Even though this reduces my chances of winning I just can’t let them go on in secret. So in […]

Episode 41 – Smartphones

I’ve had a “smartphone” (Blackberry) for over five years, boy I didn’t know what I was missing.  The amazing options out there now just blow the Blackberry away.  I give my reasons for getting an Android Phone (or an iPhone).  The apps and tools available to these tiny little computers just make certain aspects of […]

Episode 29 – Homemade Fire Starters

You ready to use some of that lint you have in the bag on your dryer?!  Today I will discuss making some super easy and cheap homemade fire starters.  These bad boys burn a solid 10 minutes and will get your fire burning super easy.  I take 3 of these put them under full sized […]

Episode 21 – Free Phone!

UPDATE – Sipgate went out of business Oct 2013. So I bet you are looking at the title going.. WTF?!  Or not… anyway in this magical episode I blather on about how to talk to friends and family for free via the interwebs and traditional phones.  But lets face it, unless you are here by accident, if […]

Episode 4 – New (and older) Computer Optimization

Ok so I promised this as episode #3, I lied… deal with it. In this episode we ponder how to get that new computer set up and optimized.  Some of these tips and tricks will be applicable to the older computers as well. Use Free Antivirus Delete Crapware Other Stuff… aka I don’t remember the […]

Episode #3 – Computer and Online Safety and Security

In one of my volunteer positions I give classes to people regarding Computer and Online Safety and Security best practices.  I put together a slide show and notes for these presentations, so that is basically what I am using for this episode.  I am not going to post the slide show at this time because I don’t […]