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Episode 73 – Landlording

So after a hiatus I got off my lazy butt, this is the first of two episodes I recorded last night. Fun and Profit through landlording! We discuss some points to help make your future landlording experience a bit more pleasant and profitable. OH! I almost forgot to put the podcast RIGHT BELOW 

Speaking of profitable you know what helps […]

Episode 58 – Carpet Cleaning

Hey, welcome to episode 58! So in honor of our great nation’s independence we decided to clean the carpets!  Woo, fireworks and house cleaning, THANK YOU AMERICA!  We calculated this quite carefully, listen to this super awesome podcast to hear the most excellent and insightful reason we chose Independence Day weekend to clean our carpets…. […]

Episode 56 – Coupons! (and once a month cooking)

I got sucked into some of those “extreme” coupon shows the other day, and started researching.  A few days later (plus publishing delays) and you get a fresh show.  It’s a short one but really how much can you say about coupons? OH! I almost forgot, I also discuss “once a month cooking” , just […]

Episode 49 – Debt and the Economy

In theory it is good to have debt during an inflationary period.  Well I call shenanigans!  In this episode I discuss my personal progress on debt elimination and how being debt free will help you no matter how the economy does.  So get out of debt now, you know it is a cancer right?


Episode 22 – How to build a garden

So this is how to build a garden from scratch.  This is not how to grow a garden but how to BUILD a garden.  I am NOT the guy to tell you how to grow a garden, because I am a lazy gardener.  I plant then look at it every week or so, and then […]

Episode 21 – Free Phone!

UPDATE – Sipgate went out of business Oct 2013. So I bet you are looking at the title going.. WTF?!  Or not… anyway in this magical episode I blather on about how to talk to friends and family for free via the interwebs and traditional phones.  But lets face it, unless you are here by accident, if […]

Episode 20 – Social Economics

So I just woke up off the couch, not sure how inspirational the text here will be, and I did get a bit spacey at the end of the episode so stick with it and you’ll feel better when it’s all over, like a scary car ride <whew it’s over!>. Times are tough.  How do […]

Episode 18 – Retirement Savings

So a bit of self promotion here, I sound like poo on this one.  I was woken up (is that even a word?) by my email telling me someone had actually asked a question!  I was so excited that I ran to the “studio” (note the studio is a corner of our “workout room” in […]

Episode 9 – Homemade Cleaners

Wow!  Sorry I sound so bad in this one, I had a cold earlier in the week and it’s still in my throat.  I had to edit out several minutes of  coughing and clearing my throat.  But hey stick in there this is a pretty good show and I kinda go off on a rant […]

Episode #1 – Welcome & Debt Elimination

Welcome to the first show! Well this one is a bit rough, I hope I can smooth out the audio and whatnot in the next few episodes, I had to edit out a ton of “umms and ahhs”  I have lost my touch since my days in the industry.. Today I discussed debt and getting […]