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Episode #69 – Ham Radio

So listen I just watched the Mad Men season premier so I’m about 4 Vodka Gimlets into the evening.  Oh and Joan’s mom is a B***.  Anywhoo I recorded this only 2-3 beers in last week so it should be OK. So in this episode I discuss Ham radio and it can help us… let’s […]

Episode 68 – Severe weather preparedness and spotting

Well after a bit of a hiatus I have four episodes ready, I will release them over the next few weeks. These four episodes are sponsored by BUBWEB.COM – websites starting at $10  PER YEAR!!! (help me feed my babies and go buy a website!!) This week we talk about preparing for and spotting severe […]

Episode 67 – Where is your stuff?

Wow, it’s been awhile.  I know I’ve been a combination of lazy and busy and could be more inspired.  This episode was recorded way back in November.  Well I have a bit of inspiration now and will get a couple episodes recorded soon. Not a whole lot to say about this episode other than I discuss […]

National Emergency Alert Test (Nov 9, 2011)

You know those annoying EAS tests that you hear on the TV and Radio “This is a test, this is only a test”?  Well they’ve never tested the whole system at the same time, now most intelligent people would have seen this years ago and said, hey we should test this thing… Well SOMEONE in […]

Ep 63 – Preparedness Plan

What do you do when you receive this voicemail? “Honey, the wildfire is headed toward the house, we were told to evacuate, going to {psht} {crackle}” Now he/she won’t answer the phone, lines are probably overloaded. Do you  A. Panic, B. Go to your pre-arranged rally point and hug? Having a detailed preparedness plan can cut through […]

Episode 59 – August Do1Thing – Get Involved!

So we are here to kick off August with a Do1Thing episode.  August’s tasks relate to getting involved in the community. FIRST a word from our sponsor BUBweb.com –  offering webhosting starting at $10 per YEAR! Also Check our our MTP First Aid Kits, and let me know if this is something that would interest […]

Episode 57 – Do 1 Thing July – Family Communications Plan

As per tradition the first podcast of the month is the Do1Thing episode.  July’s tasks are dealing with a family communications plan. Things discussed in this episode. Have a phone with a cord and a car charger for your cell phone Develop a plan for how your family will stay in touch during a disaster […]

Episode 53 – 72 hour kit

In past episodes we’ve discussed car kits and home emergency kits.  This week we will talk about 72 Hour kits / get out of dodge (GOOD) / Bug Out Bag /Evacuation kits.  Unlike many who identify themselves as survivalists this is NOT a battle kit, this is a “I have to evacuate NOW due to […]

Episode 52 – Do 1 Thing May

Again this month we feature the “baby steps” from Do1Thing.com.  May is all about a preparedness plan, incidentally exactly what I did for the last episode. (I didn’t know or plan it this way). In the interests of me being a lazy… ummm guy I am gonna say just listen and the links at the […]

Episode 51 – Preparedness Plan

So lets say you are on a business trip and you get this call… “Honey, Oh My God we just had a major windstorm and all the power will be out for days, how do I hook up the generator?” – I’m guessing that will be a pain to try to explain during all the confusion, […]