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Episode 64 – Fire Preparedness

Sometime during October is Fire Safety month/week/day/hour, frankly I’m too tired to look it up but you can assume that I am right. Anywhoo here is a list of some things you need to think of to be fire prepared. Just the other day I ran a fire drill with the kids, they think it […]

Episode 62 – Hesperian Foundation

Well don’t I look like a jerk… I thought I posted this a few weeks ago but NO… This episode is a discussion of the wonderful information that is available from the Hesperian Foundation. BUT FIRST Please feel free to go to BUBWEB.COM and buy yourself a website (Starting at $10 PER YEAR), it will […]

Episode 60 – Geocaching

Ok so I got a new hobby… we will see how long it lasts, but it is pretty fun.  Welcome to Geocaching! So you may be all, “Dude what’s Geocaching?”  Well it’s a TREASURE HUNT! although the treasure is really just finding the cache.  Ok so what you do is get the coordinates to a […]

Episode 23 – Thanksgiving Thoughts and Holiday Buying

Today I give thanks for my Wife, Children, Family, and the comfort that we have in our lives. I give thanks to my listeners, all 3 of you 😉 Super short moment to ponder today.  Just want you to think about WHY you should be thankful.  Don’t let the little things drag you down, ponder […]

Episode 19 – Travel Tips

So in this episode I thank the Veterans for allowing be to be a fat lazy load. I also feature some travel tips, I could list them here but why would I make a podcast then?  It would just be a blog and you wouldn’t get to hear my voice. Ok some bullet points… Airline […]