Episode 72 – A Followup on the previous home defense episode

So I was reading a blog post from Cheaper than Dirt Read it here first.

I’m not going to spoil it by letting you know what I think here, check it out in the podcast below (This article will get someone killed) Oops let it slip.

Check out my full opinion in the podcast, it’s right down there… go ahead and listen… then come back here or go to our facebook page to comment.

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Tactical Flashlights

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2 Responses to “Episode 72 – A Followup on the previous home defense episode”

  1. Tom Hargrave says:

    I buy from CheaperThanDirt and I have to agree with most of what you state. I submitted my post to their blog just before yours and my post to their blog states mostly the same thing.

    In regards to your comments about the TV – anyone breaking into your house at 3 AM is not after your TV. He is after cash, jewlery, handguns, or anything else that can be quickly carried out and turned into cash. And unfortunately most of these items involve entering your bedroom! And someone who is willing to enter your bedroom while you are asleep is a extremely dangerous undividual!

    Oh, and they don’t kick in the door at 3 AM, they walk in or they crawl through a window. The invasion is silent and more often than not you are sound asleep – if you keep a handgun in your nightstand you are more likely to wake up with the bad guy pointing your weapon at you than you pointing your handgun at him.

    I’ve had two home invasions in 30 years. Both times we were awake and I intercepted them. If we had not been awake it’s likely we would not have known they were there. I have not had to shoot anyone yet. Oh, and I own a few 45 ACPs.

    • Brian says:

      I agree with most of what you have to say. “He” will not make it up my stairs. I understand not all houses are like mine but if you are downstairs you will be safe until the cops get there or you point something near me. The first step you take on to the stairs will be your first step to the dirt nap club. And yea I understand if the timing is different and one of “mine” is downstairs well things change quick. My comments were based on the narrative presented in the CTD blog.
      Thanks for your comment and keep listening.

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