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June 2011

More Contests

This blog isn’t really about pimping other people’s contests but it is about giving you information about things that can help you, so I will post some contests/giveaways/etc, that I think you might be interested in.  Even though this reduces my chances of winning I just can’t let them go on in secret. So in […]

Episode 56 – Coupons! (and once a month cooking)

I got sucked into some of those “extreme” coupon shows the other day, and started researching.  A few days later (plus publishing delays) and you get a fresh show.  It’s a short one but really how much can you say about coupons? OH! I almost forgot, I also discuss “once a month cooking” , just […]

Episode 55 – Funeral Arrangements

Funerals are something we try to avoid thinking about on a day to day basis, and this can really get us in trouble.  The fact that we are distraught and emotional when we are trying to deal with Funeral Directors is used by them to get extra cash.  So within this podcast we discuss some […]

First Aid Kits and Survival Kits (perhaps for sale)

Ok I’m looking at putting together some kits for sale. I was planning on a personal first aid kit and personal survival kit. It will take quite an investment to put these together so if you are interested please leave a comment with what you would like, this will not be considered an order just a testing […]

Link to a contest to win an AR7 rifle

WHAT? I don’t normally post links to other peoples stuff here but hey if you can possibly win a AR7 .22 “survival” rifle why not? This one is easy to enter and sponsored by The Survival Podcast and Ready Made Resources.  All you have to do is fill out a simple form.  I could link […]