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May 2011

Episode 54 – Do 1 Thing June – Unique Needs

June is a unique month… well not really I am just too lazy to come up with another introduction.  Anywhoo as far as Do1Thing.com is concerned June is the time to focus on unique family needs in a potential disaster. This one hits close to home, my parents always told me I was unique so […]

Episode 53 – 72 hour kit

In past episodes we’ve discussed car kits and home emergency kits.  This week we will talk about 72 Hour kits / get out of dodge (GOOD) / Bug Out Bag /Evacuation kits.  Unlike many who identify themselves as survivalists this is NOT a battle kit, this is a “I have to evacuate NOW due to […]

Episode 52 – Do 1 Thing May

Again this month we feature the “baby steps” from Do1Thing.com.  May is all about a preparedness plan, incidentally exactly what I did for the last episode. (I didn’t know or plan it this way). In the interests of me being a lazy… ummm guy I am gonna say just listen and the links at the […]