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April 2011

Episode 51 – Preparedness Plan

So lets say you are on a business trip and you get this call… “Honey, Oh My God we just had a major windstorm and all the power will be out for days, how do I hook up the generator?” – I’m guessing that will be a pain to try to explain during all the confusion, […]

WOW I suck.

Holy Moly, it’s been almost a month since I posted!… Wow, I can’t believe I suck that bad… especially since I have 2 episodes just waiting already recorded. No excuses other than I’ve been swamped and that doesn’t even count, I’m sorry.  I’ll get off my dead butt in the next few days and get […]

Episode 50 – Do 1 Thing April – Food

Sorry this one is late, sometimes life gets in the way, and I’m lazy. So this episode we continue with our monthly series from www.do1thing.com , and April is FOOD.  Let’s face it, the do1thing philosophy is be prepared for 3 days without outside assistance, and you can survive without food for 3 days (unless […]