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March 2011

Episode 49 – Debt and the Economy

In theory it is good to have debt during an inflationary period.  Well I call shenanigans!  In this episode I discuss my personal progress on debt elimination and how being debt free will help you no matter how the economy does.  So get out of debt now, you know it is a cancer right?


Episode 48 – The Japanese Situation

Wow so bad stuff is happening in Japan, first the Quake, then the Tsunami, now the Nuclear Reactors (oh my)!  Lets take a moment to ponder what this means to us and what exactly is happening over there. One of the problems is that people keep focusing on the reactors and are forgetting about how […]

Ep. 47 – Every Day Carry

In this episode I discuss the things I have with me on the average day, and how those tools can help in many different situations.  Give it a listen and let me know what I am missing.  Comment with what you carry on an every day basis. On a side note, due to a new […]

Episode 46 – Do 1 Thing March, Shelter

So in our monthly preparedness series of  “Do1Thing.us” tasks March brings us Shelter.  March is also storm/severe weather awareness month.  The start of stormy season for us Americans will start in April and June.  In this episode we describe the best places to shelter in your house.  Remember to think about where to shelter at […]