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February 2011

Short Hiatus

Due to some business obligations and a family medical issue that had me hanging out at the hospital (all is well now) I will be having a temporary hiatus.  This should last approx 1 week.  Sorry, now go listen to something good. I’ll see you in a week or so. Brian

Episode 45 – CERT and VIPS

Two organizations that I volunteer my time to are CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) and VIPS (Volunteers In Police Service). These are local organizations built on a national framework. Listen to me drone on about what these different organizations do and how they serve their communities. Perhaps you will join your local chapter or help […]

Episode 44 – Weather Spotting

Welcome to Episode 44!  Woo!  Ok in this episode I tell you about some awesome free training given by the National Weather Service.  They teach you to be a storm spotter, show you how to identify severe weather situations and make you more attractive to the ladies.  I also discuss some neat free tools available […]

Episode 43 – Online Tax Preperation

In this episode I give a few tips and recommendations for using online tax preparation services.  This includes the ONLY 3 paid online options that I would recommend.  (This is due to the online reviews I have read stating that they had NO errors).  I also briefly discuss the “Free Federal” options. I review the top 3 online services […]

Episode 42 – Shaving Tips

I’m sure you are all like, “dude I’ve been shaving for 20 years, gimme a break”.  Hey this show is all about re-thinking how you do things right?!  So listen up, you might learn something.  Oh sorry ladies unless you are looking for tips on shaving a guy’s face or want gift ideas, this one […]

Episode 41 – Smartphones

I’ve had a “smartphone” (Blackberry) for over five years, boy I didn’t know what I was missing.  The amazing options out there now just blow the Blackberry away.  I give my reasons for getting an Android Phone (or an iPhone).  The apps and tools available to these tiny little computers just make certain aspects of […]

Episode 40 – Neti Pot

NOTE UPDATE AT THE BOTTOM So kinda a weird podcast, but with the winter weather and upcoming allergy season appropriate I guess.  This episode is filled with mucus, snot, and boogers.  (Listener Beware)  In this episode I describe how to use the somewhat creepy sounding neti pot and other generic sinus rinses.  I know it’s […]