Episode 37 – Rimfire

Rimfire Firearms are great for many things, but they may not be the best choice for defense.  While there are other options when I refer to rimfire, consider that .22 cal.  Like I said above the mighty .22 may not be the man stopper but it is a great and cheap training tool.

As always, if you aren’t already familiar with proper gun handling and use please get trained first.  I will have links to training and bulk ammo below.

I don’t remember how heavily I emphasized it in the podcast but one of the best ways to build marksmanship is to use a single shot .22 and lots of practice. This is how you will develop proper and lasting technique that will last a lifetime.

BulkAmmo.com good ammo at cheap prices.  Check them out they seem like good people and I won a contest of theirs.  Their customer service was awesome x 2.  Remember you will need to practice a lot to become good.

I can’t believe I forgot to mention this organization in the podcast but The Appleseed Project is a great travelling group that teaches rifle marksmanship at great prices.  If I recall correctly kids and women are free.  I plan on doing one of these classes this year.

More advanced training and tactical training is offered by James Yeager and his crew at Tactical Response, check them out.

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One Response to “Episode 37 – Rimfire”

  1. Andrew says:

    Another good show, Brian. Loved shooting the .22 when I was a kid. Haven’t shot one in a long time now. I wish I had time to go send a bunch of lead at a suspicious looking piece of paper. .22 ammo is a lot cheaper than the 7.62X54R!

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