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January 2011

Episode 39 – Do1Thing February – Water

February’s Do1Thing.com tasks relate to water.  As per usual I think you can do all of these tasks in the month but feel free to take the baby steps. As usual I read the Do1Thing document and give my commentary.  Feel free to listen to it at the magical link below…

Oh look an […]

China IP Block

Sorry if I actually have listeners from China but in the interests of server performance I had to block access from 2 Chinese IP blocks. 220.x and 123.x  They were just downloading the crap out of my stuff and killing me.  Sorry if there are legit users I will try to refine my block to just […]

Episode 38 – Centerfire Rifles

So the last scheduled episode in the self defense series and we are talking about centerfire rifles.  As always if you are not familiar with firearms GET TRAINING FIRST, you don’t want to kill or injure someone because you were an idiot. As I state in the podcast centerfire rifles and pistol caliber carbines usually […]

Episode 37 – Rimfire

Rimfire Firearms are great for many things, but they may not be the best choice for defense.  While there are other options when I refer to rimfire, consider that .22 cal.  Like I said above the mighty .22 may not be the man stopper but it is a great and cheap training tool. As always, […]

Episode 36 – Concealed Carry

So in this episode I give a brief overview of  different kinds of handguns for concealed carry and self defense purposes.  As always don’t jump into firearms ownership without adequate training and research.  I’ll post some links at the end for training, but there may be a more local training opportunity. Also with concealed carry […]

Ep 35 – Shotgun!

No this episode is NOT about the Duran Duran Song…. This is about the best home defense weapon available.  The shotgun is the most versatile weapon available period, and in most cases the perfect home defense gun.  The shotgun combines power, fear factor, and ease of use in a nice affordable package.  Seriously anyone who […]

Ep 34 – Intro to guns

So the next episode in our Self Defense “Mini Series” – an introduction to guns, in this episode I describe some of my philosophy on owning guns, using guns, concealed carry etc… you want me to sum it up?  GET TRAINING! Still totally tired and just busting out a show because they are late, so […]

Ep 33 – ACT!

There are times in our lives when we need to act, I discuss some times when I have hesitated and I feel bad.  So when the opportunity to act appears you should be prepared. I’m too tired and this is late as heck so no long intro, just listen to the podcast for cryin out […]

Ep 32 – Humans are Animals 2 – The Environment

After a post and spirited exchange on Facebook from a friend that is worried that “Humans are ruining the earth”, I recorded this rant/viewpoint about why we really need to be environmentalists and what we are really hurting.  I get a bit ranty and emotional on this one so be prepared for a show unlike […]

Episode 31 – Pepper Spray (Self Defense Series)

Todays episode will introduce our self defense mini-series and focus on Pepper Spray as a viable defense.  I discuss WHY you need to defend yourself and average police response times.  I will help dispel myths regarding people who can resist pepper spray.  Pepper spray is the next best defense for those who will not or […]