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December 2010

Episode 30 – Do1Thing Assess Your Risk

Episode 30 is the next in our monthly series of preparedness episodes from Do1Thing.com.  January’s topic is “Assess your risk”, and talks about looking into what could happen and make plans and contingencies.

Just 1 reason you might need to prepare.  Seriously good book, I recommend it highly if you are into this kind of fiction. […]

Episode 29 – Homemade Fire Starters

You ready to use some of that lint you have in the bag on your dryer?!  Today I will discuss making some super easy and cheap homemade fire starters.  These bad boys burn a solid 10 minutes and will get your fire burning super easy.  I take 3 of these put them under full sized […]

Episode 28 – Emergency Car Heater

How much are your loved ones worth?  My wife and kids are worth at least $13.66 total.  $4.55 each.  So I spent $13.66 to build this sweet emergency car heater, it’s super easy and pretty cool so you should too.  Seriously people $13.66 to potentially save life and limb, how can you not do this. […]

Shows Delayed

I may not get a chance to record a show until perhaps this weekend.  Sorry for the delay but life can get in the way at times.. Let me know if you have any show ideas or questions or whatever and I’ll think about them while I’m busy. Remember there is still time to order […]

Episode 27 – Breakfast Lasagna

Next in our unintentional series of holiday recipes is Breakfast Lasagna.  You may be asking WTF Lasagna for breakfast?  Well it’s not really lasagna, it’s actually breakfast strata. Every Christmas morning my mom would toss this in the oven and we would bask in what I imagine pure love tastes like. Oh Look a podcast! […]

Episode 26 – Truffle Balls

Tis the season to have to find creative gifts for a bunch of people you could care less about, and plenty that you do care about.  Looking to save money?  Want something easy yet original?  Do you want something creative and handmade?  Yes?!  Make some home made truffles!  People will fall in love with you […]

Internet Down? Try Public DNS

Currently the Midwest is experiencing an internet outage if you have Comcast service. There is an Easy Fix.  It is down due to a DNS issue, just change your DNS settings to a Public DNS. Google has free public DNS  servers at and Open DNS has free public DNS servers at and […]

Episode 25 – Super Awesome Easy Dip

Tis the season for holiday parties, you need something to bring, HERE IS YOUR ANSWER!!! Seriously my mouth waters just thinking of this super easy, super awesome dip. This recipe has been in my family for generations and now I pass it on to you. It’s all right here in this podcast

So recipe […]