Episode 18 – Retirement Savings

So a bit of self promotion here, I sound like poo on this one.  I was woken up (is that even a word?) by my email telling me someone had actually asked a question!  I was so excited that I ran to the “studio” (note the studio is a corner of our “workout room” in the basement… the microphone sits on an old TV.) and knocked out the longest show yet.  Literally 5 minutes of prep on the back of another set of show notes while the laptop booted and BAM!  This little nugget of philosophical gold!

So what was the question that made me get off my comfy couch and actually do something? …

“Ok Brian Ponder me this….things I need to know when choosing how to invest my money for retirement. This stuff is damn confusing.”

I knew this would be a long show… So you want to hear it?  Click the link below to see all the good stuff.  WAIT!! one correction, I stated that a pre `64 quarter was worth in the “low $3 dollar range”  I was WAY OFF, that thing is damn near worth $5, however the point stands, that the value of gold and silver hold over time.  Ok now listen and snicker when I say silver is $3 for a quarter… he he he…

That’s the show, right up there…

Some points….

  • You should be saving to retire by 50
  • You can’t be saving if you are in debt, so get out of debt.
  • Use caution when saving in “Retirement Accounts” (401k, IRA, etc)
  • Money isn’t the only thing to be saving for retirement – Property…
  • Check out Gold and Silver

Now the magic links, when you click the things below they take you to other worlds, welcome to the interwebs!

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