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November 2010

Episode 24 – Do1Thing December – First Aid

This episode we continue our monthly preparedness series where we follow the Do1Thing.com model of baby steps for preparedness.  December is First Aid, and we go into some tips to get ready for first aid emergencies. One of the easiest and most important skills to learn is basic first aid and CPR.  These are also […]

Episode 23 – Thanksgiving Thoughts and Holiday Buying

Today I give thanks for my Wife, Children, Family, and the comfort that we have in our lives. I give thanks to my listeners, all 3 of you 😉 Super short moment to ponder today.  Just want you to think about WHY you should be thankful.  Don’t let the little things drag you down, ponder […]

Episode 22 – How to build a garden

So this is how to build a garden from scratch.  This is not how to grow a garden but how to BUILD a garden.  I am NOT the guy to tell you how to grow a garden, because I am a lazy gardener.  I plant then look at it every week or so, and then […]

Episode 21 – Free Phone!

UPDATE – Sipgate went out of business Oct 2013. So I bet you are looking at the title going.. WTF?!  Or not… anyway in this magical episode I blather on about how to talk to friends and family for free via the interwebs and traditional phones.  But lets face it, unless you are here by accident, if […]

Episode 20 – Social Economics

So I just woke up off the couch, not sure how inspirational the text here will be, and I did get a bit spacey at the end of the episode so stick with it and you’ll feel better when it’s all over, like a scary car ride <whew it’s over!>. Times are tough.  How do […]

Episode 19 – Travel Tips

So in this episode I thank the Veterans for allowing be to be a fat lazy load. I also feature some travel tips, I could list them here but why would I make a podcast then?  It would just be a blog and you wouldn’t get to hear my voice. Ok some bullet points… Airline […]

Cool Contest for Shooters

Ok this will not be a normal thing but hey this looks like a good deal for those of us who are shooters. As you know I listen to The Survival Podcast and since Jack over there is a big boy and has actual listeners, he also has advertisers. (one day when I grow up, […]

Episode 18 – Retirement Savings

So a bit of self promotion here, I sound like poo on this one.  I was woken up (is that even a word?) by my email telling me someone had actually asked a question!  I was so excited that I ran to the “studio” (note the studio is a corner of our “workout room” in […]

Episode 17 – People are Animals

Yea People are animals, and we think like animals, and we are being herded like animals.  My insight into how the human animal brain works.  This episode is dedicated to KHHM (whatever that means).  I am totally disorganized and totally go off on a rant with this one, so it should be entertaining.  Also this […]