Episode 14 – Food and Water Storage

The government (aka, THEY or THE MAN or THE GUBMIT) say you should have a minimum of 72 hours (that’s like 3 days or something) of food and water available in your house in case of emergency.  I agree… sorta.

Dude you should have at least a week of food and water, and I would go so far as 1-3 months of food (plus a way to purify/decontaminate/filter) water.  You may ask “But wise and wonderful Brian, WHY would I need a months worth of food”  Well I’ll tell you, IN THE PODCAST… you thought I was going to tell you here, if I did that why would I record the podcast?  Geez.  You may also ask “Dearest Brian, with the incredibly awesome voice and inherent sexyness that you exude… Should I dig a bunker under my garage and fill it with 10 years worth of wheat and other supplies, and have beds and water and stuff down there?”  I say NO (unless it doubles as a sweet home theater) dude that is just a tiny bit crazy.

Right below this paragraph you will see 1 of 2 things, either a link to go to the rest of this post, or the podcast… Listen to it, then share with all your friends, and annoy them until they share with their friends.

The podcast and shameless product placements right below the flipadoodle.HA!  Look I told you the podcast would be right below this… see!

Ok now, below are links to products which may help you in your quest to store a bit of extra food and water.  If it is an Amazon link I get a little piece if you buy it there, feel free to buy it wherever is most convenient or cost effective for you, it’s not like my kids need to eat { minor guilt trip 😉 }.  Also note that I have not reviewed ANY of these items nor do I necessarily recommend them they are just examples for you to consider while making the plan that fits your life and style.

So take a bit of time out of your day to ponder “Am I prepared for my future with food storage?”

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4 Responses to “Episode 14 – Food and Water Storage”

  1. rhino says:

    any reason good ol’ iodophor wouldn’t work instead of bleach?

  2. rhino says:

    also, what model food save do you have? mine literally just died and i’m in the market for a new one as soon as i start werkin’ again…

  3. Brian says:

    I have the Vac 750, seems to do ok but when I get the $$ I will buy a more “hardcore, professional” model.

    Iodophor will work just fine but it hasn’t traditionally been suggested for the following reasons (there are a lot)
    1. Looks nasty… causes stains in the plastic containers and people think it is bad.
    2. Most people don’t have it readily available. Damn near everyone has bleach.
    3. It can break down some rubbers and plastics, so if you aren’t sure you may be weakening your container.
    4. Some people are allergic to iodine.

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