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September 2010

Episode 6 – Part 2 Of Our Preparedness Series – September – Receiving Emergency Communications

Wow that’s a long title! So Episode 6 is Part 2 of our preparedness series where we follow the Do1Thing.us  monthly preparedness list. NOTE DO1THING.US is now at www.do1thing.com At the following link is the form that I followed for this episode.  http://www.do1thing.com/files/calendar/GettingEmergencyInformation.pdf

Ok some product links. Good Weather Radio Midland WR100 Weather Radio Better Weather […]

Episode 5 – Introduction to our Preparedness Series

I am introducing a series of podcasts.  A new episode each month will address specific topics regarding personal and family preparedness.  This episode is the introduction and very basic information.

For more information try these links. The site our series is based upon http://www.do1thing.us (fixed, domain moved to .com) For those of you a […]

Episode 4 – New (and older) Computer Optimization

Ok so I promised this as episode #3, I lied… deal with it. In this episode we ponder how to get that new computer set up and optimized.  Some of these tips and tricks will be applicable to the older computers as well. Use Free Antivirus Delete Crapware Other Stuff… aka I don’t remember the […]

Help a Brother Out!

Hey all thanks for the listening and whatnot, I need help. I really need intro music if you know of anything that fits and is podcast safe I would appreciate suggestions. Send me ideas for future shows, I have a notepad page full but the more the merrier. Send me ideas and criticisms of current shows including […]

Episode #3 – Computer and Online Safety and Security

In one of my volunteer positions I give classes to people regarding Computer and Online Safety and Security best practices.  I put together a slide show and notes for these presentations, so that is basically what I am using for this episode.  I am not going to post the slide show at this time because I don’t […]

Episode #2 – Criteria for purchasing a “home/personal” computer

In the past month or two I have had to purchase 3 personal computers for me and my family.  Ok HAD to is a bit strong in one case, but my wife and my mom’s computers both died horrible deaths so they HAD to be replaced and well I kinda wanted a netbook and fell […]